Finding out what server your DeskDirector instance is on.

Depending on your location, we would have built your instance on one of the following systems

Server Location Server IP Server Name
Australia 1 DD-AU-1.deskdirector.com
Australia 2 DD-AU-2.deskdirector.com
Europe DD-EU-1.deskdirector.com
United States 1 DD-US-1.deskdirector.com
United States 2 DD-US-2.deskdirector.com
United States 3 DD-US-3.deskdirector.com
United States 4 DD-US-4.deskdirector.com
United States 5 DD-US-5.deskdirector.com


Simply ping your instance e.g. domain.deskdirector.com to identify which server you're on, You can ping a site by following the steps in this article.

Note that after the AWS S3 issue on the 28th of Feb 2017, we moved clients on US2 to a new US2 server. The old IP was