Setting up approval emails

Starting from version 13.1.22 of DeskDirector's service back end you will need to specify the from address and optionally the display name for any emails that are sent to approvers when a ticket needs approval and also when it is either approved or declined.

This is because we have changed from using ConnectWise to deliver these emails to instead using our own SMTP solution to ensure continued support.

If this is not set the approval system will still function however approvers will not be notified.


To set this up follow these steps


1. Go to the Configuration > SMTP Settings tab in the DeskDirector Admin console which you can access from;
https://{your deskdirector company}.deskdirector.com/admin  (e.g. https://demo.deskdirector.com/admin)

The username and password would have been provided during the implementation.

2. From there enter the display name (e.g. DeskDirector Approvals) and email address you want these emails to come from and hit Save Changes


Testing the emails


Once saved you can enter an email address to send a test email to. 

Just enter this and hit the Test SMTP button

NOTE: Don't forget to check your spam folder/solution if these don't come through


Configuring a Custom SMTP Server


If you want to set up a custom SMTP server you can do this by doing the following;

1. Tick the Use Custom SMTP Server check box and hit Save Changes
2. Enter the SMTP server you want to use and also optionally you can enter a username, password, require SSL/TSL and set a custom port.

3. Hit Save Changes and you can now use the Test SMTP function to ensure the emails are being delivered correctly.