Server Changelog

Here are our release notes for the latest version of the DD Server, version 18. 

There is a new server release schedule we are putting in place with v18. 

When a new server version is ready, it will be internally tested from that Monday in our internal servers. On the Wednesday of that week, it will be released to Australia/New Zealand. Then on the Monday of the next week, we will release to EU and all of US. This means that the servers mentioned on this article might be ahead of what you have, this is fine and you should be updated within a week.

Note: Omitted releases consist of internal changes.

Server 18.19.2

  • IMPROVEMENT - Update QuoteWerks Script to add more error logging. 

Server 18.19.1

  • IMPROVEMENT - OAuth API implemented for portal (note: this is not released, just the foundation)

Server 18.18.1

  • IMPROVEMENT -  DDForms Field condition supported inside editor 
  • FIX -  DDForms - Address Auto-completion fix 
  • FIX -  DDForms UI editor fix -  where user save form while in preview mode, it blocks user from editing form again.

Server 18.17.1

  • RELEASE - Forms - Ability to add webhook endpoint from form
  • RELEASE - Forms - Add webhook instruction page for each form
  • RELEASE - Forms - Add form result page for each form
  • RELEASE - Forms - Ability to trigger a webhook a second time from results page
  • FIX - QuoteWerks quote management page
  • FIX - QuoteWerks script has been fixed to use Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0 for HTTP request.
  • IMPROVEMENT - ConnectWise General Configuration page. Remove some legacy settings. 

Server 18.16.1

  • RELEASE - Allow clone form on admin console

Server 18.15.1

  • FIXCW - Connectwise 2017.6 breaking change, where service subtype item's association list is present at different service location
  • FIX - CW - DDTECH - Schedule list will be retrieved through reporting API, to avoid ConnectWise bug
  • FIX - Fix create ticket with form error.

Server 18.14.2

  • FIX - CW - ConnectWise 2017.6 issue with their RESTful models change. (Board, Status, Type, SubType, Item, ItemAssociation)

Server 18.14.1

  • IMPROVEMENT - DDTECH - Add service to retrieve connectwise ticket detail and ability to update type and subtype
  • IMPROVEMENT - AT - DDTECH - Ticket's 'can assign; flag will only be true when ticket is not assigned
  • FIX - CW - DDTECH - Ticket's 'can assign' flag will be true if ticket is not assigned
  • RELEASE - WisePay integration now fully ready

Server 18.13.1

  • RELEASE - Office Authentication for Admin Console
  • IMPROVEMENT - Add Time Entries API test for ConnectWise RESTful API test
  • FIX - Autotask ticket detail error when the ticket doesn't have a contact

Server 18.13.0 - Beta Release

  • FIX - Autotask Clients were unable to submit tickets, beta server version with fix was released to them.

Server 18.12.3

  • FIX - Add new request type error when there is no request type

Server 18.12.1 

  • FIX - Autotask ticket URL in Staff HUD
  • FIX - Autotask FastTrack option, were error would appear
  • FIX - CW File upload on Portal, were quotes in file name would cause error
  • IMPROVEMENT - Add limit on amount of request types to 600

Server 18.11.2

  • FIX - Avoid AT create ticket error using inactive sub issue type

Server 18.11.1

  • FIX - CW contact profile now uses company instead of company reference. This avoids error when the company identifier has been changed. So when a user creates a ticket, it won't use reference data but actual data.
  • FIX - Typo on Admin Console (Request Types)

Server 18.9.1


Server 18.8.1

  • FIX -  legacy CW member schedule query fix

Server 18.7.3

  • FIX - CW Closed status in portal will now use any status without checking if it is a closed status

Server 18.7.1

  • RELEASE - WisePay integration backend ready, waiting on front end before release
  • RELEASE - Add WisePay and Bigger Brains to licensing page

Server 18.6.1

  • FIX - Automatic email flags will now follow board settings
  • FIX - CW Create contact with API 3.0
  • IMPROVEMENT - New Filter page for the Learning Center in Admin Console

Server 18.5.1

  • IMPROVEMENT - Improve Today's Schedule service to include scheduled items with no time

Server 18.3.1

  • FIX - AT Password login for portal
  • RELEASE - Import Wufoo form to DD-Forms
  • IMPROVEMENT - Add flag to not include internal note on ticket creation

Server 18.2.2

  • FIX - Fix member password login for CW 2017.4

Server 18.2.1

  • IMPROVEMENT - add yes_no field to form editor

Server 18.1.9

  • FIX - CW member sync (RESTful). Default email field had wrong value.

Server 18.1.1 ~ 18.1.3:

  • FIX - CW RESTful API create ticket issue - initial description was created under API member
  • RELEASE - DDForms now available for everyone
  • IMPROVEMENT - CW company sync now includes lead
  • IMPROVEMENT - CW company sync now includes inactive contacts

Version 18 of DeskDirector brings a lot of changes to the server backend which will allow for future features and improvements.

One of the main changes for ConnectWise clients is that we can fully support the ConnectWise RESTful API. We recommend all clients change to RESTful API.
You can read more on that here. Soon we will start pushing for all to change to RESTful.