Getting started with Broadcasts

 Broadcasts are a fantastic way of letting your clients know about critical outages and important messages. 

 You'll require the Staff HUD to send broadcasts, this will be built out and sent to you within 24 hours of purchasing the broadcast add-on. E-mail support@deskdirector.com if you haven't received this within the time frame.

Sending a Broadcast:

From the Staff HUD you are able to send a broadcast to your clients. It is pretty self explanatory, but here is a run-down of the controls:

* Click on the above image to enlarge it

At the top there is an "important" flag. Checking this means that the broadcast will be sent as a critical broadcast, which will:

  • Remain on the user's screen until they acknowledge it
  • Show at the top of the request support section (so that you don't get multiple tickets on the same problem)
  • Show up at the top of the notification section and will remain there until expired (even if marked as read)
  • Be colored bright red

If this is unchecked, the notification will have a green color without the above properties.

Other options on this tab are:

  1. Set this as a global notification (all clients) or a company notification (1 or more clients)
  2. Enter your message here, you get 255 characters
  3. Select the companies you want to send the broadcast to
  4. Send a URL inside a broadcast. 
  5. Set a time for the broadcast to be published
  6. Publish!
  7. You can view all of your broadcasts that you have sent as well as those that are queued up to be sent. By clicking on these broadcasts you will be given the option to expire them which will remove them from any endpoints that have received them.

Client View

Client View

Here is an example of a critical broadcast. It will remain on the screen until the user clicks the "got it" button (THIS IS ONLY FOR WPF CLIENT, IT IS AN UPCOMING ADD ON TO DDPORTAL), it will also show up in the request support section shown in the image below.