How Chat works in DD-Tech

A chat request can be initiated from two places in Portal. From the new request support page, or from a ticket. In the first case, the ticket will need to be created by your technicians after the chat request has been completed.

Please note that Chat is still in Beta. You can read about the development issues here.

Here is how this chat works:

  • A user requests a Chat from the Client Portal, office hours will be displayed here making it clear to the user in case there is no one to respond.
  • Techs that have not set themselves to the "Do Not Respond" status will receive an in-app notification telling them that a new chat request has been created. 
    • If the chat request is coming from a ticket, then the assigned tech will be alerted first, then everyone else will get alerted if needed
    • Techs will not be able to start or receive chats if they do not have access to that board/company/ticket. 
  • Techs can join the chat from the notification, or from the "Waiting" chat requests on the status bar to the right

If a tech does not join the chat

  • When a tech does not join, users will be given the option to keep waiting, leave, or request a callback. 
  • If no callback is requested, the chat will go into the "Abandoned" status. Techs will be able to see this abandoned chat in the status bar. From here they can "complete" the chat requests by adding a note that describes the actions they took to reply to the user. It is also possible to close an abandoned chat session without leaving a note, however it is not recommended.
  • If the portal user leaves a callback, the chat request will go into the "Callback" status. Techs will be able to see this in the status bar. After calling the user, they can complete the chat request and add a note if needed.

If a tech does join the chat

  • If a tech joins the chat session, they will be able to chat with the portal user, the chat will be added to the tech's active session on the status bar.
  • Once the chat is completed, the tech can go into the chat options to end the chat. They can do this by creating a new ticket, or just ending the chat
    • If the chat request came from an existing ticket, the chat log will be attached straight away
  • Chat history will be attached to the ticket as a file. The upcoming ticket timeline will in the future show these sessions on the ticket.
  • Once the chat is completed, the tech can leave the chat room, and so can the user.
  • Completed chat sessions can be searched in DDTech to add or edit notes.