Information for chat beta testers

This page will track known issues and progress the team makes on the new chat release. If you find bugs, please email support@deskdirector.com and include "chat beta" in the subject.

To test the chat beta, you will need to head to your beta build of Portal. This can be found at https://[your DeskDirector subdomain].deskdirector.com/portal/beta.

To test the Tech side, you will need to head to https://dd-tech-dev.deskdirector.com

Note that some items under Completed may not appear immediately under these beta sites.

In Development

  • (DD PORTAL) Call Back Request page - UI Improvements

Known Issues

  • (DD TECH, DD PORTAL) Chat breaks when you are invited to someone else's chat session
  • (DD PORTAL) Country code defaults to NZT for callback form


  • Initial release to beta
  • (DD PORTAL) Cannot send a message in some cases after creating a chat session
  • (DD TECH) Chat windows do not automatically pop up when a session is opened from notifications
  • (DD TECH) Chat window does not automatically pop up when a session is opened from the chat session menu
  • (DD TECH, DD PORTAL): chat window does not auto-scroll to the bottom when opening it
  • (DD TECH): fix a bug where in some cases multiple system messages would not be displayed
  • (DD TECH): chat sessions are correctly ordered
  • (DD TECH): implement read message functionality
  • (DD TECH): fix an issue where attached chat logs could not be displayed in the timeline
  • (DD TECH): callbacks are now visible, users can read notes and the callback number
  • (DD TECH) Cannot create a new ticket after completing a chat request. User can only end without linking to a ticket.
  • (DD TECH): the leave button does not show on chat sessions that the member should be able to leave. Members may only leave a chat session if there is another member in the room, or if the Portal user has left the room, or if the chat session has been completed.
  • (DD TECH) Cannot close chat sessions with a callback from the right-hand chat session menu. Must join first.
  • (DD TECH) Cannot add notes to abandoned/callback chat sessions when closing them. Notes are useful for letting service managers, or other techs that you have handled the client's request.
  • (DD TECH) Chat session history screen for checking completed chat sessions
  • (DD TECH) Push chat from tech to client
  • (DD PORTAL) Chat on ticket
  • (DD TECH) Cannot close abandoned chat sessions from the right-hand chat session menu. Must join first.
  • (DD PORTAL) When creating a "Call Back" request, the phone number must be input with a country code.
  • (DD TECH) Pictures do not load on chat session avatars
  • (DD TECH) Small ui issues on new chat session notifications
  • (DD TECH) Notifications will trigger even if you are set to "do not disturb"
  • (DD TECH) Improve chat notification visibility